Tracing The Origins Of Anabolic Steroids In Canada

Buy Steroids Canada | Legal Canada Steroids For Sale Tracing The Origins Of Anabolic Steroids In Canada

Since time immemorial, people have wondered about the existence of a potion that would give them increased strength. Various substances have been identified as possible candidates from the ancient to modern times. Anabolic steroids and HGH for sale are certainly some of the most popular ones today. Let’s look back at their origins.

The Early Years

It all started when people began to study the medical uses of testicular extracts. They wanted to know what it was that made men strong and concentrated on this area. By 1931, a chemist named Adolf Butenandt was able to isolate a small quantity of the hormone androstenone from massive quantities of urine. Three years later, another chemist was able to synthesize the steroid.

The race was on to isolate another androgen that was thought to be even more powerful. Various pharmaceutical companies made the attempt and one group eventually succeeded in 1935 making best HGH. The hormone was called testosterone. Others found other ways of extracting and synthesizing the substance. These were such groundbreaking studies that some of those involved were awarded with the Nobel Prize.

Clinical Trials

Scientists were eager to see the actual effects of testosterone on humans and devised methods of testing. Sometimes these were highly controversial because of ethical questions. The discovery coincided with World War II and German doctors were keen on finding ways to help the cause. Experiments were conducted on prisoners at concentration camps. There were also rumors of German soldiers being injected with the anabolic steroid to observe the effects of testosterone on the body. It could presumably boost the strength and stamina of the subjects. The drug was so potent and well-regarded at the time that even world leaders used them to treat a number of ailments. These included Adolf Hitler and John F. Kennedy.

Performance Enhancement

It did not take long for scientists to realize the potential benefits this could bring to elite athletes. The Soviet Union was among the first to develop a program to enhance the performance of weight lifters. Due to their success, the US began to look into anabolic steroid use as well. The androgenic side effects of testosterone became apparent so it sought to find an alternative that could reduce these. The result was Dianabol, a steroid that remains popular until today. The drug was also used as medical treatment in cases of burns and muscle-wasting conditions.

Why Buy Legal HGH Pills

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Become Stronger
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Increase Muscle Mass
Your muscle mass will increase. If you take legal human growth hormone and you train a certain way and eat for bulk, then you’ll gain an impressive amount of muscle mass. A good tip is to train with heavy weights at least 3-4 times per week and go on a bulking diet. Eating a lot of food and sticking to a strict diet isn’t required when using HGH, but doing so will help you optimize your results. If you want to gain as much muscle mass as possible or if you’re a hard-gainer, then consider using growth hormone in its legal form.

Improve Endurance And Stamina
Athletes often turn to HGH when they want to boost their performance. Growth hormone improves endurance and stamina, which is why it enhances athletic performance. You don’t have to be an athlete to enjoy having more endurance and stamina. If you workout, then you need all the endurance and stamina because this translates to better and more effective workouts. Legal HGH pills will improve your endurance, stamina and energy levels, which means you’ll train harder than ever before. Your workouts can be as intense as you want them to be when you have the right amount of endurance, stamina and energy.

Everyone needs a little extra help when it comes to working out and achieving their fitness goals. This includes you. If you want to become stronger, faster and more muscular and defined, then order legal HGH today.